Our Vari-Wall THERMLX material has a unique chemistry that is a meticulous blend of alloying elements including molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium. Our material is designed to air harden as it cools from high temperature TIG welding. The alloy blend produces a fine grain microstructure with superior strength and toughness. Vari-Wall THERMLX is the ONLY steel in the industry manufactured to AMS Aerospace Standards. This means our raw material is inspected and certified to aircraft standards at every step, insuring the cleanest defect free steel on the planet. Maximum tensile strength up to 1200 MPa.

Vari-Wall Chromoly

Vari-Wall has been manufacturing double butted chromoly bicycle tubes for more than 30 years. Our chromoly tubing is a tried and true industry standard steel alloy. The careful blend of chromium and molybdenum assure an excellent strength to weight ratio making it a tough stable alloy. We offer a variety of butted and straight wall heat treated (CMH) and non-heat treated (CMD) tubes that will weld and braze exceptionally well. Maximum tensile strength up to 750 MPa.

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