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Our History

Vari-Wall Tube Specialists was founded in 1985 by Randall L Alexoff as an engineering consulting firm. Our mission has always been to provide solutions to customers with tubular design problems. Many of our initial projects centered around Automotive Suspension and Bicycle frame tubes. Our work ultimately lead to several innovative products and a need to commercialize them at a reasonable cost.

The company began manufacturing operations in 1986 and quickly grew into a high volume parts manufacturer. During the late 1980’s we helped revolutionize mountain bike frames and suspension fork systems. We created the world’s first Butted Aluminum Frame tubes. These parts helped push weight reduction in bicycles while increasing performance. Vari-Wall became an integral supplier to customers ranging from Huffy to Rock Shox. We were honored to receive Huffy Corporations “Supplier of the Year” award four consecutive years.

By the early 1990’s the business expanded into Automotive Suspension systems. Our products were used in many areas including independent suspension Link Arms on Toyota Camrys and variable wall thickness Twist Axles on PT Cruisers.

In 1992 we met Ray DeMarini and helped his company build a full line of extraordinary Aluminum Baseball Bats. Our Vari Wall Technology was key to helping Ray build the best single and double wall bats. We remain proud to be a part of his “Insane Dedication to Performance”.

Our business expanded into light truck Axle Housing Tube manufacturing in 2002. We produced 100 percent of the Axle Housing Tubes for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango vehicles. By 2006 we were building over 1,000,000 housing tubes per year.

Six years ago we moved into the Aerospace Seating Market. Our parts have revolutionized Aerospace Seat Beam design by providing the ultimate light weight variable wall thickness tubes manufactured from High Strength Aluminum alloys.

We are committed to remain an innovative leader in manufacturing Steel and Aluminum Tubes proudly Made in the USA.

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Returning to Our Roots

With True Temper’s announcement to exit the bicycle tube market leaving OX Platinum and Supertherm customers behind, Vari-Wall is ready and excited to fill the void!

We are returning to our roots. In 1985, we began operations in an 800 square foot garage in northeast Ohio. There we developed and perfected our patented processes used to manufacture butted tubing for bicycles. During the early years, our sole focus was to support bicycle manufacturing at all levels. We were instrumental in helping steel Mountain Bikes enter the mass market arena and we created the world’s first aluminum butted bicycle tubing. In a few short years, we became a key supplier of butted bicycle tubing for many companies including:

  • Cannondale Bicycles
  • Huffy Bikes
  • S & M Bicycles
  • Trek Bikes
  • GT Bicycles
  • Marzocchi Suspension
  • Specialized Bicycle
  • Answer/Manitou
  • Fox Racing
  • RockShox
  • Klein Bikes
  • Gary Fisher Bicycle

The late 1990’s and early 2000’s proved to be very difficult for our customers due to low cost imports. Many either closed or moved their operations out of the USA. As a result, most of our butted tubing machines migrated to automotive and aerospace applications. However, we never stopped supporting our butted bicycle tube and suspension fork customers.

In March 2015 we were approached by Chris Moeller, S&M Bikes President, to help solve quality and delivery problems they were having with Air Hardening steel tube sets. Quickly we set to work locating the best North American made raw materials and heat treat sources needed to fill his needs. In November 2015 we shipped our first Air Hardening butted tubing.

Vari-Wall is ready to fill the void with a complete line of Vari-Wall Thermlx™ seamless tubes. Our butted Chrome Moly and Air Hardening seamless steel tubes are available in sizes ranging from .750” OD to 1.500” OD and gauges ranging from ultra light 7/4/7 through constant wall 1.2mm. Our Vari-Wall Thermlx™ seamless butted tubing is available in strength levels ranging from 150 to 200 ksi.

Vari-Wall is a family owned business and we will never move our operations offshore. We are 100% committed to manufacturing right here in the USA.

To get started with our seamless butted bicycle tubing products, Vari-Wall Thermlx™ and Vari-Wall Chromoly, see the contact us page.

You can also contact us at 330-482-0000.

Capabilities & Products

We manufacture critical strength components needing the highest quality and care providing tubular solutions for a wide variety of applications

We use high-strength materials in all of our tube processing. Our drawn aluminum tubes achieve mechanical properties up to 95 ksi. Our lightweight air hardened steels achieve mechanical properties up to 200 ksi.